Communication Line Monitor DataCatcher3

DataCatcher3 is the communication line monitor supporting the multiple communication protocols with one set. It allows you to increase software development efficiency dramatically.
It also has a scalable system configuration by using the Dynamic Tracer’s platform.

Support Protocols

3-wires serial communication / UART(RS-232C) / I2C / 16Bit parallel communication

Product Features

It is recommended to such as the following!!

Software Developers for the embedded system

  • It is possible to display the text of commands of communication data and to detect the specific data.
  • It allows you to reduce the debug time because you can easily verify the entire communication process flow.

Evaluator of the embedded system

  • The evaluator can point out the specific bug by using the log data at the time of a bug was detected.

Hardware Developer of the embedded system

  • The log data displaying the numeric value and text, not the wave form, is useful for make a consensus with software developer.
“DC3 allows you to reduce significantly the debug work load
concerning the communication between CPU and surrounding LSI.”

Major functions

  • It supports the multiple communication protocols with one set.
  • It separates the communication data (the communication data controlling multiple ICs are also catchable.) as a packet and displays the packet data one by one.
  • It can display communication data as a user defined character strings.
  • It allows you to display the caught data in real time.
  • The collected communication data can store as a file and it also be printable.
  • The connection between DC3 and PC uses USB
  • The maximum frequency to be caught is 20MHz.
  • It is possible to get any specified baud rate data between 100 and 1,000,000 bps in UART communication.