DC3 Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Product name DataCatcher 3
Size DynamicTracer     Width:200mm Height:112㎜ Depth:24.7㎜
Data Catcher Board  Width:50mm  Height:112㎜ Depth:18㎜
Weight DynamicTracer     about 500g
Data Catcher Board  about 60g
3-wire synchronous communication
Supported communication speed 20MHz MAX
UART communication
Supported communication speed 110bps ~ 921600bps ※Configurable any value between 100bps and 1000000bps.
Restrictions The concurrent use of 2CH is available even at 921600bps
I2C bus communication
Supported communication speed 4MHz MAX
Restriction 1 The cycle time when the next clock is available after 1Byte of data received.
20 nsec
Restriction 2 The cycle time when the next START condition signal is available after a START condition occurred.
20 nsec
Parallel communication
Parallel communication
Supported communication speed 10MHz MAX
The number of input data BIT 16BIT MAX
Restriction 1 DATA hold time (Time between the starting clock and the stable condition of DATA.)
20 nsec
Restriction 2 The cycle time when the next clock signal is available after the STB (latch signal) generated.
20 nsec
Data Logger (※It is required the optional Analog Box in order to use AD input signal.)
Sampling time (Clock) 20usec(50KHz)/100usec(10KHz)
Digital input 8 line
AD input between 0V and 24V 2 line(use AnalogBox)
AD input resolution 8Bit
The others
Maximum number of log data 100 million records
PC connection USB 2.0
Input Voltage range ・The threshold of electric power is switchable either 3.3V type or 1.8V type depending on the target device.

・Thresh level
Schmitt trigger input
  ⇒VIH=2.31V VIL=0.99V
IN_AX0IN_EX(3.3V mode)
  ⇒VIH=2.00V VIL=0.8V
IN_AX0IN_EX(1.8V mode)
  ⇒VIH=1.17V VIL=0.63V