Embedded Software Development


We provide strong support for the product development of manufactures with state-of-the-art technology.

Heartland.Data has gained many experience of software development for manufactures such as, audio equipment, electronics and intelligent home appliance.

We provide the embedded software development in wide variety field; under the spirit that do your best for our customer and with the motto that “Hungry (Stay Hungry), Speedy (Be Speedy), Honesty (Be Honest)”.

For manufactures

Heartland.Data offers system configuration proposal and software design, development, test in order to match your needs with our experiences and technologies that accumulated by working for many manufactures

Proposal of system configuration

We can offer optimum system configuration and device for your requirements.


We can offer an optimum design for your system configuration.

Software development

Our software development is characterized as speedy and without bugs.


We can effectively increase the software quality by the gray box test to utilize our own “DT-Method”.

For Semiconductor manufacturers

“I have to sell my own semiconductor device as much as possible, but we can not support its software.
“We are in trouble that the workload of software support is much larger than the one of semiconductor device support.”
“We are in shortage of human resources to support our software.”

Do you have troubles such as the above statement?
Heartland.Data can solve these problems of semiconductor manufactures.
Please contact us to help you since we have many development experience of various devices including oversea’s semiconductor manufactures.

Efforts to improve the software quality

“How can we develop software without any bug.”
“How can we prove there is no bug in software.”
It must be one of the ultimate issue in software development.

We, at Heartland.Data, advocate our own “DT-Method” as an axis by the development tool such as “Dynamic Test Tool DT10″.
We continue our efforts to improve the software quality by using the realistic approach at our development scene.

The key words of the entrusted development at Heartland.Data

Power to get through

There are many unrefined scene in the embedded software development in compared with IT software development.
Hardware with many restrictions, tight development schedule, the requirement for high level of quality.
We should complete as a product with overcoming any difficulties one by one.
We may sometimes disagree in opinions and we may face the wall.
However, we committed to developing software with the spirits of Hungry, Speedy and Honesty.

The-state-of-the-art technology

The 80% of employees are the engineers.
Heartland.Data continues to study the cutting edge technologies and new devices.

Team work

There is one phrase in the Heartland.Data’s management philosophy that “We should work hard for our customers and colleagues.”
In software development project, we discuss freely, we understand each other and we create the system as a team.
In a sense, Heartland.Data itself is the one team.
Moreover, it will be the best when we become one team involving our valued customer.

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