Test Package Development

Test Package Development

We are the professionals of developing the IC test package who are familiar with analog measurement technology.

Test package development is the most historic business in Heartland.Data.
We accumulated many experience and technology with semiconductor manufactures uniting of two cooperating groups sharing the same purpose.

We continue to provide a new proposal and a new business ; under the spirit of working very hard for our customer and with the motto that “Hungry (Stay Hungry), Speedy (Be Speedy), Honesty (Be Honest)”.

Business Overview

We consistently provide a development support from proposing a measurement specifications to process implementation in the test package development.
We additionally develop the software for your development environment.
(The measurement program automatic generation tool, The measurement condition table automatic generation tool, Data analysis tool. etc.)

Test Package Development

Advantage of Heartland.Data

We have more than 15 years of experience in analog device measurement.

We have the know-how of designing the board and the measurement specializing analog technology.

The proven track record of cost reduction for mass production

We have the proven track record of cost reduction for mass production such as the development of low cost measurement module (BOST) in order to make up for the lack of function of IC tester, program conversion between the testers, reducing test time workload.

Improve business operations by using test package development support tool

We are good at developing Windows application for aiming automatic tasks and improving efficiency such as data analysis, document generation in test package development.

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