Product overview

Jennifer-5 is the platform for developing car audio / car navigation system, which support fast CD recording function and various AV Codec.
Jennifer-5 is the multi-core system that equipped TI Japan’s Davinchi as a DSP and the ARM for external interface.

Jennifer-5 realized the fastest ripping performance in the Jennifer series by using ATRAC Advanced Lossless codec.
Jennifer-5 can be equipped AMG as a music information, this easily allows you to control music by adding title, album and artist information at the time of CD playback and record.
Jennifer-5 is also able to receive TV programs, EPG (TV program information) and to record TV program by the one-segment TV tuner.
Jennifer-5 is equipped Video codec; therefore, it is possible to playback the movie file and the recorded one-segment TV program on USB or HDD.

Customer can choose any hardware configuration other than DSP.
Jennifer-5 is useful to develop you product with short-period and low-cost because you can apply various features.
Hearland.Data provides total support for the entire process of your product commercialization.

It is possible to change another codec such as MP3, WMA on request. The recording speed depends on the CD drive.

Product Features

  • Support of fast CD ripping by using ATRAC loss-less Codec
  • Capability of the direct control for CD`s Servo DSP
  • Various storage media such as HDD/ USB/SD cards can be driven.
  • Capability of drive control for various storage media such as MP3 / WMA / AAC / WMV
  • Capability of the equipment of one-segment TV function
  • Capability of the equipment of back view monitor function
  • Support for AMG (Adding the title information to a music)

The main operation

  • High-speed encode recording + title information addition from CDDA to media such as HDD/USB
  • Compressing audio/video file decipherment reproduction in CD/ HDD/ USB/SD
  • Reception and recording of One Seg (broadcast program, EPG, and title)
  • Backing view monitor function + by video I/O High-speed encode recording of CD

Sales price

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