DataCatcher3 Support

DataCatcher3 FAQ


The followings are the frequent asked questions about the communication line monitor DataCatcher3.

Q1. What is the major difference from the previous DCNEXT?

  • DataCatcher3 evolved the expandable system configuration by using the DynamicTracer platform.
  • You can find significant specification improvement. For more details, please check this page.
  • Q2. Can I reuse the configuration file used in the DCNEXT?

    Yes. You can use the configuration file of DCNEXT in the DataCatcher3.

    Q3. Can I feed the electric power via USB?

    No. Please use the AC power adaptor.

    Q4. Can I save the collected log data?

    Yes. You can save in text format or in CSV format.

    Q5. Is it possible for DataCatcher3 to support any baud rate in UART communication?

    Yes. It support any baud rate. You can collect the communication data by specifying any baud rate on application corresponding to your target device.