Software Development Support Tool

A software development tool created by the call of software developers, and designed based on a field developer’s perspective

Test tool

Dynamic Test Tool “DT+” Series

From personal debugging through remote testing

Supports data collection and analysis in various scenes of software development

Examines the realistic behavior a program


Accumulates a variety of analog signals for extended periods of time


Stress-free remote testing


Compliant with automotive functional safety standards

IoT module

We provide solutions to build the foundation of IoT with our specialized network technology.
IoT module

AI Camera Module “AI0001”

*Under development -to be released in spring 2022

Edge device that extract information from video by AI analysis.
AI has built-in on a single small camera unit.

AI camera module with neural network accelerator
From capturing video to AI analysis; capable of recognizing people in the image
Small size and single drive, easy to install

Video recording +
built-in AI analysis

Easy to install

No need for additional device or machine for AI analysis
IoT module

Camera Module “CM0002-SOF32”

1080p high resolution output camera module

Versatile, single-focus, wide viewing angle, low cost
USB camera module that is easy to build a network camera environment

High resolution (1080p) output

Compatible with wide-angle lenses

Customization available

IoT module

LoRa Module

Less power consumption, farther data transmission

Module for edge devices, ideal for wide-area network construction, which uses LoRa modulation excellent in communication distance and power consumption.

920MHz frequency range

Easy network construction

EVK(Evaluation Kit) available

IoT module

Wireless Inteligent Platform (Wip)


A platform to integrate many IoT devices
and connect them to edge devices

Automatically builds cloesd-networks between devices without relying on existing networks or access points. Easy way to build an optimal IoT device network environment.


Automatically builds network between devices

Suitable in various sites with excellent expandability

Wip box, the evaluation kit for easy start

Engineering Services

More than 30 years of experience mainly in embedded software development. We offer the most suitable system to meet your requirements.
Engineering Services

Test Automation Solution

Powerful support for building test automation systems

Heartland. Data offers various types of assistance services for test automation.
We support system construction best suited for your development environment by customizing systems such as “hardware control automation” and “UI test automation.”


Constant and standardized test execution

Effective use of limited test time

Eliminating human error and ambiguity

Engineering Services

Functional Safety Services


Services to support efficient test execution for functional safety development

DiET(Dynamic test Efficiency Technique)is a service to support reliable test execution and coverage measurement required in functional safety,
and further improvement of test efficiency by using Dynamic test tool DT+FS(Functional Safety).

Efficient coverage measurement

Test scenario generation

Testing service

Integration test support

Engineering Services

Entrusted Development

Consult with us about anything from software and hardware to development and testing, from embedded systems to web/mobile applications

We provide a wide range of development from IoT products such as network camera, to application using Wi-Fi communication. We are also specialized in building test automation enviroments.
With more than 40 years of experience in entrusted development, we offer a hybrid of software and hardware, development and testing.

Engineers with a variety of skills

Reliable and proven track record

Unique added value using our original tools

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